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The Corrupted Butterflyqueen - Drawing and development

The finished concept of The Corrupted Butterflyqueen.

The backstory behind this one is that once there has been a queen, she possessed the magic of the light flow and has been worshipped like a goddess. But her heart got corrupted by the light magic and she began to consume and destroy everything that was less "pure" than her. Over time she changed and left was a shining bright butterfly creature that, until today, lives in the ruins of her own kingdom, ready to attack anyone close enough with her light powers. But as a dark magic wielding hero emerges and pierces her heart with his gloomy blade after a fierce battle, her suffering eventually comes to an end with her last unspoken words echoing in her mind, living through a glimpse of her past bright memories: "All I want is to heal everyone's hearts from darkness. I want everyone to be healed by my light."

Attached to the finished drawing I added the rough sketches as well as the two works in progress. Drawn via Krita.

David schmelling buglordess04

The Corrupted Butterflyqueen - finished drawing

David schmelling butterflyqueenroughs small

The Corrupted Butterflyqueen - first rough sketches

David schmelling buglordess02wip1

The Corrupted Butterflyqueen - 1st work in progress

David schmelling buglordess03wip2

The Corrupted Butterflyqueen - 2nd work in progress