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Wan's Odyssey

The Odyssey in a magical forest - adventurer as well as forlorn knight named Wan, is trying out the features of the plants growing in a magical forest - curious to observe as always, he can't resist to jump on one of the bouncy leaves to see how high he might rise - while his two companions are not surprised in the slightest.

I decided that this scene takes place in a prequel story that I have in mind for a while. I follow the motto "Finished but not perfect" and call it done - and will always try my best to do a better next piece, having fun with the process of creation itself.

Hope you like it! More work is coming soon. If wished you can connect with me on Facebook to see more works in progress and to exchange thoughts about design, art, writing - I'm always interested in proper discussion.

David schmelling wanodyssey01 y

Wan's Odyssey - Finished Illustration

David schmelling wanodyssey01 u

Wan's Odysee - WIP 3

David schmelling wanodyssey01owip02

Wan's Odyssey - WIP 2

David schmelling wanodyssey01 ewip01

Wan's Odyssey - WIP 1 (first refined greyscale sketch)