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Entering "Tour City"

"Tour City" is a town in which people of all sorts gather to have some business or to look around for something interesting to get (since that is a city with lots of different people, you can find anything in their countless markets). The scene I have chosen here for that initial idea is the "about to enter" section, directly after leaving the station. I took this to practise what is out of my comfort zone - cities, buildings, and because I can I chose a challenging perspective, built a grid and stuff. I took my time with it, a whole week, to be sure I learn as much as possible. I think I did and got some new insights and I am far less "scared" of architecture now. I could eventually do more with it, but I think for now it is done.

Well then, hope you like it and I am doing my best to keep that level at the very least for future sceneries. See ya!

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"Tour City"