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Lythena, The Guard Of Rubiros

Lythena Sharhobe is the first female guard of the town Rubiros as well as the best friend of Wan, the Forlorn Knight (have a look at the previous image in the folder). She is a maincharacter of my personal project "Forlorn Knights" as well. Due to her being a competent thinker she helped and convinced the guards of her home town that she is able to help. Thanks to her help a lot of bandit attacks have been dodged and she would give her life to protect her friends and home. After all she is providing useful additional help to the group of guards and she earned respect for being a civil individual. I thought it'd be helpful to show her after work or maybe before she goes to work while leaving the house, while being in a decent mood, to portrait her personality.

This illustration has been an older drawing which I included underneath for you to observe. Just like with the previous illustration I chose an older drawing to colour and improve. I hope you like it, have a good day!

David schmelling lythenafeb01 l

Lythena - The Guard Of Rubiros

David schmelling augustlythena2 small

Lythena - drawing from 2016