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Client Work "Engelmann"

Book interior illustration for writer and author Chris Berkness and his book Engelmann. Given the provided reference I had to adapt and choose a rougher (and if not possible focussing on some detail) approach, similar to concept art, since his choice is to give the scenery that raw and painterly feel when applicable. Thus it has been quite a bit of fun and a great challenge too to work out the illustrations as wished in the amount of time I had got.

Working them out simultaneously to keep the approach consistent and using different references (own photographs to add additional texture and elements, painting from the given references to resemble the desired scenery and yet giving it a distinct alteration, has been challenging and fun! Definitely a great project I had the honour to work on.

If interested, look up Chris Berkness on Amazon or other pages and you will find more of the books! In other uploads I have interior illustrations of previous collaborations displayed. Hope you enjoy!