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Discovery (3 images)

3 works of a story idea - Ernie and her colleagues are researching the sudden appearance of structures in all sorts of environments. Though their world is already fictional, said structures are based on buildings in our real world. When time allows I will be able to do some more of these.

These works are already a bit older due to other work requiring my focus, but I upload them now or I'd sit forever on them. Hope you like it!

- I'e found that font that I believe is also used in Dark Souls, that fits the overall look & feel I imagine for the story. If this was a game I'd already have some gameplay ideas for it too. When this project gets released in any medium, there will be an own font for it.

David schmelling discovery01d

Discovery concept work 01

David schmelling discovery02e

Discovery concept work 02

David schmelling discovery03g

Discovery concept work 03