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Drawing Package of April 2018

Here is a row of ink drawings so far, more to come. As I'm somewhat busy I had to make time for updating my Artstation page. I hope you like the drawings so far.

If you want to follow regular uploads just have a look at my Facebook page (uploads are made public so that you don't need to be logged in or be a member of Facebook) You can find my Facebook in the "about" section of my profile. Feel free to contact me if you want, I'm happy to extend my network with colleagues.

David schmelling ruby02 small

Ruby, the Assassin Brotherhood leader (inks)

David schmelling ruaninksst small

Ruan, the Summoner (inks)

David schmelling arcticplainsarc small

Concept Cover of Forlorn Knights, adventure in the Arctic Plains (inks)

David schmelling wanjan2018 01 small

Wan, the Forlorn Knight (inks)

David schmelling wanjan2018 02 small

Wan, the Forlorn Knight (inks)

David schmelling raaicon small

Swordfighter (inks)

David schmelling olph small

General Olph (inks)