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Drawing Package 05

The 5th drawing package with traditional drawings. Some inked, some pencils or both. Hope you like it!

Have a successful new year 2017 and I hope to be able to focus much more on my work (in terms of feeling better) as the year 2016 has been quite difficult to deal with.

See you next year!

You are able to receive the HD versions of my drawings on my Patreon or Drawcrowd page. Supporters also get the license to colour and render or to create 3D sculptures using the HD versions including to mention my name and to link back to my pages. I appreciate any support given to me and am doing the best possible for you in return.

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David schmelling reaper2016 small


David schmelling leph02 small

Leph 02

David schmelling leph01 small

Leph 01

David schmelling samuraigk small

Young Samurai

David schmelling warriordarklord small

Dark Lord