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The Bewitched Well - Boss Character Design (and more)

These two drawings in this upload belong together - the main idea has been a sort of character design that could appear as a boss battle event, but I wanted it to have some unexpected approach. So when the player in the fictional IP approaches an abandoned place and is stepping near the well, it will turn out to be the boss character. Lots of roots, moss and earth as well as a (here not visible) skeleton inside the part of the well form a sort of golem, or creature, that is basically the bewitched well itself.

The second drawing is an enemy character design that a player will stumble upon in masses. Think at Dark Souls or Bloodborne with it's surreal and beautiful dark character designs.

Hope you like it!

Everyone reading this far - hope you have had a proper Christmas time and will have a successful year 2017!

David schmelling bewitchedwell b

The Bewitched Well - Boss Character Design

David schmelling snowknight b

Snow Knight - Enemy Character Design